Presentation moments of the exhibition "Expulsions of Eve" (Lith. „Ievos išvarymai“)

From the 24th of January, the personal exhibition "Expulsions of Eve" by Ieva Martinaitytė - Mediodia  is open at the KCCC Exhibition Hall. During the opening and on the following day (the 25th of January) for families, visitors had the opportunity to participate in an organized excursion together with curator Laima Kreivyte and the author herself. According to the curator, who was spoke to a little earlier, accents, set at the exhibition, range from mythology to space. From the material substances that cover the entire creative work and even go beyond the limits to a special see-through film. The latter works were intentionally hung on the wall with a gap in order to form a feeling that the creative work is breathing. Therefore, the criteria of the exhibition range from materiality to transparency. From Eve to the space. The exhibition begins with the artist's early creative works, dating back to the days of studying in Vilnius. You can find a full interview with Ieva Martinaityte-Mediodia and curator Laima Kreivyte of the exhibition "Expulsions of Eve" on website. And in this album you can find moments from past events.

Photo gallery of the "Satudays for families" event.