Tekstilės paroda "En face"

December 16th 2011 Klaipeda‘s Culture Communiacation Centre presents the exhibition of textile art „En Face“.

Exhibition presents textile art and its expressions. Nowadays this art is held one of the most flexible and agile forms of visual arts. The most exeptional feature of textile is its ability of direct communication with audience and viewers. Hence, through actual artist‘s stories and suggestive appliance of material and techniques, the viewer enters into personal „play“ and approach which allows to experience the artwork through „visual tactility.
In creation of Lithuanian artists the most dominant are works made by mixed techniques or interpretational textile – where classical textile (visuality and structure ) are only perceptible. L. Oržekauskienė, I. Likšaitė, L. Švaikauskienė, L. Jonikė, M. Žaltauskaitė Grašienė, R. Naujalytė, K. Čyžiūtė.
Latvian artists, represented by Baiba Ritere and Iveta Vecenane, are mostly connected with classical textile approach and techniques. These are essential for artists to connect their personal experiences with painting variations.
Estonian artists are represented by Monika Järg, Signe Kivi and Krista Leesi. The works of these artists are conjunction of design, handicraft and contemporal art conceptions. In their works ornaments become universal language of contemporary art.

Signe Kivi "Carpets of Power", 2003–2010