3 Worlds in 1

KCCC Exhibition hall will represent three exhibitions, curated by famous british curator Edward Lucie-Smith

Klaipeda culture communication centre Exhibition hall (Aukštoji str. 1/Didžioji Vandens str. 2) will represent three gripping exhibitions in June 29, 2011 curated by famous british curator Edward Lucie-Smith.

EDWARD LUCIE-SMITH (born 1933) is well known english writer, poet, art critic, curator, artist. He has published a lot of books in litterature, art history, art critics fields. For lithuanian readers he is mostly known as an author of the book „Movements in Art Since 1945“.

Here in Klaipeda Culture Communication Centre Edward Lucie-Smith will represent three exhibitions: New Iranian art, Polemically small (curated together with Zavier Ellis, curator of Lithuanian part Ignas Kazakevičius) and London international.

Nika Neelova