What is Missing?

On the 11th of October at 6 p.m. at KCCC exhibition spaces will be presented contemporary art exhibition "What is Missing?".

What are you missing? Searching for an answer to this quite personal question art curator Julija Cistiakova gathered ten artists from all over the world to take part in the contemporary art project.

„Once during a conversation at the art fair a friend from Italy asked what I was missing. After a while, having entered this question into „Google“search I was surprised to find among the top results an extract from the novel „Fahrenheit 451” by my favourite author Ray Bradbury answering the question what the society is missing: quality information, the leisure to digest it and the freedom to act resulting from interaction of the two above“ – recalled the curator.

Problems raised by R. Bradbury six decades ago inspired the curator to analyse current situation in the light of these issues and to invite artists: Abraham Cruzvilleg (Mexico), Hans Op De Beeck (Belgium), Maurizio Cattellan and Pierpaolo Ferrari (Italy), LG Williams (USA), Seth Price (USA), Dora Garćia (Spain), Christian Jankowski (Germany), Bronė Neverdauskienė (Lithuania) and Dan Perjovschi (Rumania) to take part in the conceptual art project named „What Is Missing?“

„If you prepare an exhibition on dissemination of information, to limit yourself by one country or only Europe is at least boring. Although the artworks of this project differ but they refer to the same topic” – commented the curator. The aim of the exhibition, by J. Cistiakova, is to look at the situation when the local context distorts a global message, re-designs and interprets it to the local benefit.

Visitors of the exhibition will see video-installations, objects, prints and other works analysing multiple aspects of the nature of information, patterns of its dissemination, accessibility, relations with personal experience. The exhibition will present results of the artists’ collaboration with a daily newspaper, a logistic company, art critics, where the „system“ has become a participant of creative process.

Julija Cistiakova (b.1979) is an independent curator living and working in Paris. After finishing higher school of curatorial studies Ecole du Magasin in Grenoble, France, she curated numerous exhibitions in Belgium, Canada, France, Russia, and Lithuania, and collaborated together with Hans Ulrich Obrist on the Brutally Early Club project. Her most significant exhibitions include a show for Performa’09 in New York (as an assistant curator), Prestige: Phantasmagoria Now (2012) and What Is Missing? (2013), both held in Klaipeda Art Center, Lithuania. Julija is also a co-author of the book Harald Szeemann. Individual Methodology (JRP|Ringier, 2008).

Exhibition will be held till 10th November, 2013.

Maurizio Cattellanas ir Pierpaolo Ferraris, “Toiletpaper”, 2011