6 p.m. 21st March opens The Jeune Création Européenne.

The Jeune Création Européenne – international biennale of contemporary art, administrated by the city of Montrouge (France), which presents the works of artists of the younger generation. Annual exhibitions of the young creators initiated by the French city ofMontrougehave developed into a united biennale of contemporary art organized by several European countries. In 2006 Klaipeda city became a partner of this project. Currently the biennale includes 48 artists from 8 participating countries:France, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany. With the help of professional committee members specially organized for this project each of the participating countries has selected six young authors. Works created by them participate in the international biennale which shall visit the expositional spaces of all member countries.

The Jeune Création Européenne Biennale is coordinated by Andrea Ponsini. 

Duration: 21.03-16.04