S. Dali: Materialization of the Surrealism

Since 23th January till 28th February will be held the exhibition „Materialization of the Surreal“ by Salvador Dali. The exhibition is presented of „SARL Amiencom“.

Salvador Dali (May 11, 1904 – January 23, 1989) – Spanish painter, sculptor, filmmaker and writer. One of the most famous artists of surrealism.

Dali's painting is it primarily to illustrate his theories and ideas. It was important for him to not represent what we see but what we feel, think, probably without realizing it.

The aim of the exhibition is to help the public to see and understand how Dali materializes his views thanks to his special artistic language in the form of images, which often take an intangible aspect, but clearly are felt by spectator. Beyond what the eye sees is always a wide range of something unspeakable, but much more important than what we see. This puzzle and mystery attracts and forces them to think about the fundamental questions of life. Creativity of Dali is more to "think", "imaginate" rather than "see."

Today, Dali is the most prominent representative of surrealism in art. If the word "Surrealism" appears for the first time in the writings of French poet Gerard de Nerval (1808-1855), it was not until the twentieth century and André Breton, to become a doctrine, a way of thinking.

Paranoiac-critical method becomes his way of thinking and self-realization in art. "My whole ambition in the pictorial plan is to materialize with the most imperialist fury of precision images of concrete irrationality" (S. Dali). Dali loved to explain the meaning of his work, but... not too deep into the details... "If you find that this is too simple, do not hesitate to tell me, I would be happy to complicate it little be..."

Dali's creativity, as well as any work of a genius, is relevant today, and his next thought: "I think we are now in the Middle Ages, but the day will come Renaissance" - is becoming more present in the context of growth of spirituality lack and depersonalization of man in the modern world. Dali wrote: "Over the centuries, Leonardo da Vinci and me, we are reaching out to each other" we also - we should reach out to our contemporary, who, through his art, makes us think, trying to change our world to become better.