Architecture of Klaipeda 2014

A circle of events-exhibition 


Architecture of Klaipeda 2014. Beginning of the architecture craft

The first part of the exhibition is an annual review of professional architects work grouped into themes - architectural competitions, building and urban design projects and built architectural projects.

The guests of the annual architecture exhibition are the first graduate bachelors of architecture in Klaipėda. The exhibition presents final projects from architecture students of Vilnius Academy of Art Klaipėda department.

Thematic purpose of the exhibition is to show differences and to search for common intersection points between the academical and practical fields of architecture. Context is the same - Klaipeda city, but the tools and ways of communicating are different. The exhibition strives to return to one of the fundamental elements of architecture - space.

Relations between the public urban space, inner urban block space and the building interior space are analysed in academic works. Such way of speaking by using architectural tools can be characterized as an European tradition of urban architecture.

Organizator: The Architects Association of Klaipeda’s County

Partners: Klaipeda city municipality, Vilnius Academy of Art