Indre Stulgaite-Kriukiene and Remigijus Kriukas Art Glass Exhibition „The Shining“ is opened on Friday, October 16 at 6:00 pm in Klaipeda Culture Communication Centre (KCCC) Exhibition Hall (Didzioji Vandens str. 2)

Glass art is a very specific field with special technological features, considering the fact that it is extremely capricious material. There is always a very important role of knowledge of the technologies and techniques. In the opinion of the artists Indre Stulgaite-Kriukiene and Remigijus Kriukas one of the most difficult to manage, but one of the most attractive glass technologies is a hot glass moulding technology (blowing, casting, free formation). It is also important and, therefore, very attractive to them is cold glass processing, especially of optical - very transparent glass.

Implementing own creative ideas, the artists are constantly experimenting, going deep into the technological characteristics and trying to make optimal use of the options of the exclusive material: visuality, transparency, illusion, combining transparent and rough surfaces. Thus the works originates that merge “soft” hot glass plastic and transparent, cold, precise glass combinations of rigorous shapes.

Since the light is simply necessary in order to reveal the glass piece and the artists prepare an exposure using the perfect lighting angle, direction, intensity and thus provide the glass piece with a special glow.

 “I speak to the world in symbolic language. I encrypt a message, idea and emotion often by turning glass shape into the symbol. My characters are usually easily identified, reflecting human feelings, (non) existence, a way of life, certain events. This is my language with a person of any nationality, religion, worldview - through the senses, feelings and aesthetics. I consider a creation is successful if it causes the viewer`s reaction, discussion, thinking, emotions, revives the memories,”- Indre Stulgaite-Kriukiene presents her creative works. „Glass is the most amazing material in my creative life. I played, I am playing and I will play with it! I did not tell anyone, but I know - I have a dependency on the glass...” – adds Remigijus Kriukas.

Indre Stulgaite-Kriukiene has gained a Master`s degree in Arts at Vilnius Academy of Arts, Kaunas Arts Faculty, has graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts Postgraduate Study of Arts, has gained Arts licentiate degree, she is currently a Doctoral student of Vilnius Academy of Arts. Since 2009 she is a member of the Lithuanian Artists Association and since 2013 she has become an Honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Remigijus Kriukas graduated the Lithuanian State Arts Institute with the specialty of Glass Artist. He worked as a designer in corporate “Panevezio stiklas” (AB “Panevėžio stiklas”) at the Art Glass workshop. He founded the Art Glass Studio “Glasremis” in Panevezys in 2000. He is a member of the Lithuanian Artists Association since 1992. In 2013 – was awarded with name of an Honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts and in 2014 - with the Ukrainian Academy of Arts foreign member name. The Lithuanian Artists Association Gold Badge (No.43) for creative activities, contemporary glass art promotion in Lithuania and abroad was granted in 2014.

The artists actively participate in exhibitions, creative symposiums, conferences, seminars and competitions in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Belarus, Slovakia and other countries. Their works have been acquired by Frauenau Glass Museum (Germany), National Lviv Art Museum (Ukraine), Lviv Museum of Glass (Ukraine), Evald Okas Museum (Haapsalu, Estonia), the Finnish Glass Museum (Riihimäki, Finland), All-Russian Decorative-Applied and Folk Art Museum (Moscow, Russia), K.A.Savitsky Regional Picture Gallery Penza branch Museum of Glass and Crystal (Nikolsk, Russia), the Palace of Kuskovo (Moscow, Russia).

The exhibition „The Shining“ will run until November 22, 2015