Klaipėda branch of the Lithuanian Photographers Association presents a photography exhibition KITI 6. This year,  the project introduces three authors: Paulius Butkus, Valus Sonov and Tomas Urbelionis. Curator of the project  – Darius Vaičekauskas.

The mission of the project, which has been running inKlaipėdaalready for the sixth year in a row, is to present less renowned or unknown photography artists. The main aim of the project remains the same: to gather artists, who are engaged in making photographic art, providing them with the opportunity to  exhibit their works in exhibition  space thereby attracting attention to their artwork, as well as  to facilitate their admittance to the stratum of established photography artists.  In addition to the first acquaintance with new authors, the project KITI also allows for  more detail review or even analysis  of their artworks created in recent years.

The project KITI 6 continues presenting new names and unseen works of various authors. This year we shall also try to provoke a discussion on the concept of contemporary photography, focusing not only to photography in Lithuania, but the current trends of photography in foreign countries as well – all participants of the exhibition have been living abroad for a long time. The key criterion for selection of participants remains the same as in previous KITI projects: authors should be actively engaged in creative work and less renowned or unknown in professional art field. Certainly, they are different, original, ambitious Lithuanian artists, not necessarily living in Lithuania, using various techniques and technologies, exploring different issues, but in spite their differences, they have one important thing in common - all they are focused on making photographic art.

The project KITI offers tolerant and prospective space for search and creative experiments of new authors. Here you will have a possibility not only to meet (and get acquainted with) photographers with different ways of creative thinking and creative practice, but also to grasp the emerging new trends in Lithuanian photography.

The project is partially financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Exhibition will run until 30 August, 2015.