On 8th of July, Friday, the Lithuanian Artists’ Association (LAA), Klaipėda Branch presented a traditional exhibition “West Winds”. This year, the review exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Alfonsas Žalys (1929–2006), Chairman of Klaipėda Executive Committee (1969–1990), Signatory of the Supreme Council – Restoration Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, and Klaipėda’s Citizen of Honour.

The continuous project of the LAA Klaipėda Branch “West Winds 2016” is held every two years and presents creative works of members of the greatest artistic organisation in western Lithuania, which unites 115 artists not only from Klaipėda, but also from Telšiai, Palanga, Gargždai, Neringa, Kretinga, and other towns. This year, it is dedicated to commemorate Alfonsas Žalys, thanks to whose efforts Klaipėda became both an industrial city and a cultural centre. A. Žalys was the initiator of the restoration of the Old Town of Klaipėda, the establishment of the State Conservatory Klaipėda Faculties, the unique Sculpture Park, the Sea Museum and Aquarium, the Clock and Watch Museum, and other museums, installation of the carillon in the tower of the post office, opening the Musical Theatre, restoration of the Drama Theatre, construction of the Summer Concert Stage, and lots of other cultural, educational, and sports facilities.

A. Žalys created favourable conditions for teachers, artists, and other intellectuals to come to live and work in Klaipėda, promoted creative union activities in the city. Klaipėda became famous for its well-regulated trade, community services, and well-developed residential areas. A. Žalys was active in supporting the idea of founding the Klaipėda University, had been making efforts to build monuments to Kristijonas Donelaitis, Martynas Mažvydas and other prominent figures and events, patronised John’s Hill and the city castle arrangement works.

Exhibition organisers believe that the last decade without the patron of the famous city's artists is a good time to express a well-deserved word of thanks to A. Žalys, to commemorate and recall this prominent personality, to acquaint a younger generation of Klaipėda residents with the city’ development and merits of A. Žalys.

A part of the exhibition “West Winds” will involve authors who have long been representing Klaipėda; it will also present works of new members of the LAA Klaipėda Branch, looking for unique expression, trending topics, open dialogue, artistic challenges and experiments. The exhibition, thus, will enable us to have a better idea of the art discourse and its changes, nurtured in western Lithuania. Artists representing different genres – painting, small plastic works, sculpture, graphic arts, and applied arts – will participate in the exhibition.

The exhibition is open until 7 August 2016.

KKKC Exhibition Hall (Didžioji Vandens g. 2, Klaipėda), opening time: Wednesday to Sunday 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Ticket: 1,70 EUR for adults and 0,85 EUR for children, students, pensioners and disabled people;

Free admission on Wednesdays.