Algis Griškevičius‘ retrospective exhibition „Three attempts to catch the light“


Personal exhibition "Three attempts to catch the light" of artist Algis Griškevičius runs from August 12 till September 4, 2016 at KKKC Exhibition Hall. Opening on 6 p.m. 12th August 2016 (Friday).

The sixty-second personal retrospective exhibition of Algis Griškevičius‘ painting, photography and objects includes his works, created in 2002, as well as canvas, taken off the easel a few weeks ago.

Algis Griškevičius‘ creative work is characterized by evaluation of the present, actualization of the society‘s condition and rules, not without avoiding irony and tragicomedy. Within a few decades the author‘s painting works‘ colour expression and composition solutions have changed, however one can perceive the succession of creative topics and objects: empty city landscapes more often without people, architecture details, restored and abandoned buildings, scaffolding, non-representative city spaces, empty playgrounds and amusement parks, encounter places of city and nature. There are almost no people in his painting works, or there is a single accidental human, having no impact on the city living its own life. A. Griškevičius‘ painting is special for its details, materiality, closed composition, intensive, expressive light, coming from an invisible source, and connection of extremes into one entirety.

Nature in the paintings is apt to materialize and wade into urban spaces, and in photography – it is perhaps the only constant. Being exceptional in the context of Lithuanian photography, in his photograph series A. Griškevičius captures situations, thoroughly planned and thought over in advance, where a human is the main antagonist. A human, often turning into an animal, mythology creature, subject and even mutant. Sometimes the author, criticizing modern body image, its constant exaggerated praise, deliberately deforms human body or creates unusual or unnatural context for it.

The late A. Griškevičius‘ objects are the synthesis of nature metaphors and the author‘s fantasy. Osier woven bulky objects creep, fall, jump, perch etc. They resemble of scaffolding motive in painting and photography works, but they do not sustain anything here, just empty space.

Criticism and humour, prevailing in all areas of the author‘s creative work, earn attention and liking of a wide group of people and critics‘ appreciation both in Lithuania and abroad. The exhibition travelling across Lithuania is one more time supplemented with A. Griškevičius‘ newest and nowhere else seen works, so people of Klaipėda and the city guests will have the opportunity to see the author‘s really full creative work retrospective. 

About the Author

Algis Griškevičius was born in 1954 in Vilnius. In 1980 – 1985 he studied in Vilnius Institute of Fine Arts. He has participated in exhibitions since 1986. The artist‘s works were displayed in international exhibitions in many countries of the world, some of them were bought by Lithuanian Art Museum, M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art, Contemporary Art Centre (Lithuania); Tretyakov Art Gallery, Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts (Russia); Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum (USA); Danish Museum of Photography and others. In 2014 A. Griškevičius was granted with Lithuanian Republic Art Award. In  2010 he was awarded with medal of the Order for Merits to Lithuania.

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Ticket – 3,00 € / 1,50 €

Visit the exhibition till September 4, 2016.