Watercolour exhibition_Ruta Petniunaite photo

International watercolour exhibition "Klaipėda – 2016" runs from August 12 till September 4, 2016 at KKKC Exhibition Hall. Opening on 6 p.m. 12th August 2016 (Friday).

International watercolour exhibition “Klaipėda – 2016” is a summer salute for art admirers. The city by the sea continued watercolour cherishing tradition and became a place of watercolour lovers’ rally.  This tradition is very allied to artists of Baltic region, such unique in the world of XXI century that is full of destruction. Klaipėda has deep traditions of watercolour painting: annual international watercolour plein airs take place for more than 40 years as well as works that were created during this time were exposed, and in 1997-2003 several watercolour biennales were organised.

Exhibition of the year 2016 rounded up almost 30 artists from all over Lithuania and Sweden and exposes more than 50 works (Regina Taurinskienė, member of Lithuanian union of painters of Klaipėda branch, chairperson of watercolourists branch, is an exhibition organiser and tutoress).

Painters present watercolour works, where youthful flight and experimentation are intertwined with academic stability and post-impressionistic expressiveness. Lyric miniatures and monumental works, realistic plots and colour variations are presented at exhibition. This watercolour exhibition distinguishes by absorption to analysis of emotions, emotions and conveyance of impression. Colour technique is typical to all exposition, irrespective of the selected genre, major and minor exposition. Audience and artists wait for such exhibit as well. Forum of watercolour is especially important for artists in order to understand modern level of this painting type and to feel own place in the stage of its current development. A spectator always gladly accepts contemplated and felt art of high professional level. Artistic interpretations of mood, experience, realia and fantasy are interesting to him. 

We hope that regularity and creative enthusiasm of organisers of this exhibition will provide the development of watercolour painting with new impulses. 

Ticket – 1,70 € / 0,85 €

Marina Motiejauskienė, Art Critic