The purpose of the 4th „Photophobia“ project‘s exhibition „Terror management  theory“ is to analyse the anthropological media connection of death and photography. According to terror management theory‘s assertion, a human desires to live, but he understands the inevitability of death, therefore a psychological conflict arises. One of the means to control the fear of death is culture, which praises human and accentuates him from other creatures.  In various world cultures, systems of symbols are essential for solving the matter of human life meaning and allow to control the fear of death. Religion and faith often offer a direct immortality, other culture manifestations offer symbolic ones: lineal perpetuation, social activity, being a part of nation - national identity and so on. On the basis of them, a human feels like he is a part of something bigger and more noble, a part of something that will exist even after his death.  

In the exhibition „Terror management  theory“ painter Tomas Daukša and photographer Juozapas Kalnius analyse the influence of photography as one of the contemporary cultural bases on human relation with death. It is ironic, but, according to terror management theory, all creations created for this exhibition are designed so that authors could give a sense to their life, raise self-esteem and stay in collective memory.

The exhibition is open from April 1 till May 4.

Project‘s author and tutor of exhibition Juozapas Kalnius.

Participants of the exhibition: Tomas Daukša, Juozapas Kalnius.

The project is partly funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture.

The project is organized by Union of the Lithuanian art photographers of Klaipėda division.

Photo gallery / KCCC Exhibition Hall
From Wednesday to Sunday 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.
For more information:
Darius Vaičekauskas
Chairman of ULP of Klaipėda division
Tomo g. 7, 91247 Klaipėda,
Ph. 8 615 49470