This cycle of photographs is the photographic journey of modern and universal Lithuanian artist Benas Šarka through Water, Earth, Fire and Air , the natural disasters that are mastered and well known to him.

„INNOCENCE“ (Lithuania, 2009)
This set is based on a fragile existence of a human. A body, tortured by water, awakes the soul for a new quality and light. It washes away all the human sins, thoughts and all of the past. A newly born human is ready to meet the world again.

„TERRA HUMANA“ (Lithuania, 2011)
This is a set dedicated to human relation to one of the natural disasters – earth. A human comes from earth and returns to it. Earth is the main assumption of human existence and its end. This lively and pulsatory matter is open to both - the birth and the death. A place, where mud clump can turn into vitality at any time and vitality – into clump.
What is human? It is a temporary particle of earth cycle...

Fire accommodates all of the knowledge. Fire does not exist in a material sense, we are not able to define its shape and we can not touch it. It can be various. Just like human thoughts. The difference between them is that we can not see thoughts, but fire is visible. This set is an attempt to see human mind through the fire, a game for their disappearing and emerging shapes. Human thoughts as well as fire can blaze, inflame, flicker, light up, smoulder... Each thought affects human and forms him. Lifts him up and lowers. Fire remains even when human body turns to dust. So as his thoughts.

„BOUNDARIES“ (Lithuania, 2015)
We all are imprisoned in our bodies, this is why freedom becomes an illusion. Our weak and temporary body is a cage for a tumbling soul. This soul runs into as if a see-through glass of cage of opportunities, behind which a long-distance, tempting and inapproachable eternity is. The body is its prison, and a soul inside of it has no other way but to become reconciled to it. The soul tries to escape but it only bumps against the boundaries from time to time. There is no edge or end, only boundaries. Everything that the soul has in body’s life is a space between these boundaries. And a deep exhalation.

The exhibition is open from April 1 till May 4.
Exhibition author Kristina Sereikaitė.
The project is partly funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture. The project is organized by Union of the Lithuanian art photographers of Klaipėda division.

Photo gallery / KCCC Exhibition Hall
From Wednesday to Sunday 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.
For more information:
Darius Vaičekauskas
Chairman of ULP of Klaipėda division
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