Tadas Vosylius „Objektas“

On the 16th December, Friday, at 5 p.m. at KCCC exhibition hall (Didžioji Vandens g. 2, Klaipėda) a personal exhibition of Tadas Vosylius “T. V. Vol. 2: monuments“ will be opened. 

Tadas Vosylius is an artist representing interdisciplinary art, trying out unconventional materials, using sound, video recordings, the effects of internet technology in his works. He is definitely the first one to create tar covered sculptures in Lithuania and presenting them in this exhibition. Tadas Vosylius says about this exhibition: “This is the discussion to you with yourself. I was looking for the type of characters that surround me, the ones that overwhelm me.”  

The artist displays monuments in his personal exhibition “T.V. Vol.2: monuments”, but unlike the ones we are used to seeing. According to Tadas Vosylius, his monuments are like fossils – turned to stone, charred, frozen remains of life, its prints or traces of its movement in the layers of the ground. But these fossils that the author speaks of do not correspond to the ones mentioned in encyclopaedias or reference books. The author’s fossils are people, their characteristics, identities and a collection of features or behavioural norms, their volumetric “prints“ trapped in tar. Man defining features, infused in “tar” sculptures, become a material body in Tadas Vosylius exhibition.

Trough associative forms, trough the brightly glowing tar, trough a kind of luxurious mutation and trough the personal interpretations of the author, these characters seem to come to life – they gain volume, mater, features and certain characteristics. Maybe one of these is right for you? Maybe this object reminds you of something (someone)? Or this one – causes annoyance, pity or laughter?  The author provokes you to identify yourself with the existing sculptures, object the context, but to inevitably become another sculpture while continuing the author‘s field of research. The objects of Tadas Vosylius are not only eye-catching, but they also force your mind to generate a series of new meanings attributed to one and at the same time to all creations. 


About the author

Tadas Vosylius studied the specialty of sculpture at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, faculty of Kaunas (VAA FK). In 2005 he received a master degree of arts. In 2007 the artist became a member of the Lithuanian artists’ association. From 2008 he works as a lecturer at the VAA FK and Kaunas University of Technology where he teaches computer graphics, video and interdisciplinary arts.  The artist has held solo exhibitions in Lithuania and took part in many group exhibitions in Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic, France, Lithuania, Latvia, and Ukraine.


The exhibition will be open until 15th of January, 2017.

Ticket – 1,70 / 0,85 €.

KCCC Exhibition hall (Didžioji Vandens g. 2, Klaipėda)
working hours: Wednesday – Sunday 11 a.m. -7 p.m.