The exhibition “Through” of the works of Gintautas Survila is opening on Friday, the 20th of January, at 5 PM at the KCCC Exhibition Hall (Didžioji Vandens str. 2, Klaipėda).

Gintautas Survila, a photographer, sculptor and an architect, is some kind of a recluse in the context of Lithuanian artistic creation. He will not be seen jostling around the semi-official culture system of theRepublic of Lithuania for the place under the sun, for scholarships or projects. You can rather find him somewhere on the Dutchman’s Cap cliff or in the pine forests of the Curonian Spit – somewhere, where there is a lot of silence and less noise of people. According to the art critic Jurga Sprindžiūnienė, the secret of his creations is to talk in understandable and clear visual language, which is simple but also of high professional level. Alongside the silent meditation and the world of pure forms there is still the important capture of unexpected hustle and bustle of daily life, colourfulness, wit and irony. Every piece of work is like a window to a transparent space, flickering with heavenly flair... This is especially apparent when looking at his blueprints (photography) – it does not seem that it has been prompted only by observation of nature and impression of beauty. On the contrary, the works evoke the feeling that they had been started before the collision with the visible reality and that the inner sense of the author willingly provides its shape for the external phenomena”.

The ones who wrote about the art of Gintautas Survila have noticed the refined contemplation of his works, laconic compositional structure, and ambiguous spiritual symbolism; often his photographs are referred to as the photo-pictures or even photo-sculptures. The artist intuitively precisely manipulates artistic qualities of various fields of art – sculptures, paintings, and graphics – as if a musician playing several orchestral instruments.

Gintautas Survila called the exhibition displayed at the KCCC Exhibition Hall “Through”. The preposition “through” is most frequently used in relation to movement through some kind of a still object or subject, when the movement is passing by, passing through some space or through time. In this case the author uses the definition “through” in order to define the moment of his life and creativity, when the full maturity is reached and it is already possible to assess what has been, is and remains. This is not only through 50 years, but also through art, deliberately refusing the position of an active participant and choosing the glimpse of an outsider. The retro-perspective exhibition covers the creative journey of the author from youth to works radiant with already well-established author’s expression.

On the author

Gintautas Survila (born in 1966) studied artistic woodworking at Kaunas Stepas Žukas Technical School of Applied Arts and architecture and visual arts at Vilnius Art Academy. The artist is a member of Lithuanian Artists' Association, Lithuanian Art Photographers' Association and Lithuanian Association of Landscape Architects. G. Survila has hosted 23 personal fine art exhibitions, participated in over 40 group exhibitions, 11 of them international. Even USA, German and Swiss art collectors had obtained the sculptures of this author.


Ticket – 1,70 / 0,85 €.
The exhibition will run until the 19th of February, 2017.