Photo exhibition “Klaipėda Old Town 1976-1985” by Romualdas Požerskis

Photography exhibition “Klaipėda Old Town 1976-1985” by Romualdas Požerskis is open at the Klaipėda Gallery of Photography (at the KCCC Exhibition Hall, Didžioji Vandens str. 2, Klaipėda) from 28th of September until the 12th of November.

On the 27th of October, at 5.30 p.m. a creative evening – meeting with Romualdas Požerskis will be held. At the event the author will present his series of photographs “The Old Towns of Lithuania 1974-1985” he will also tell us about Klaipėda of that period and the relation between a photographer and the town itself.

"Generations change. Children are born, they play, learn to live among the houses and the streets under a small piece of sky. A square of masonry makes us forget our love for nature. Bricks, streets, sidewalks, street lamps, telephone booths, church towers (some of them without crosses) make one hurry and move at a faster pace. Acceleration increases more and more and becomes...more aggressive. To lay down in the meadow, to inhale the scent of grass, to look at the limitless sky as far as the eyes can see, to become one with the grey ground. To feel the pulse of the town, its essence, to become aware of your place in the joy of life. All of this is the photography of the old town".

Romualdas Požerskis. The diary, 24th of December, 1976.

"Here, inKlaipėda, seen through the eyes of Požerkis, there are no churches, monuments or bar signs, planted in our individual geography. Instead of them - a smile of a furanimal-faced nymphette, "deadly" embrace of laddies next to a hitby bicycle, a child with a kitten in the palm of his hand, those shy reflections of their first "significant others" on their faces. In the best case, these lovers are now pensioners that walk on their own legs. Whether they walk on the same pavement - we will never know.”

Rolandas Rastauskas


Romualdas Požerskis was born in 1951 inVilnius. In 1975, after graduating from the former Faculty of Electrotechnics of Institute of Politechnics inKaunas, he started working in the Lithuanian Photography Union Kaunas department. He has been a member of Association of Lithuanian Art Photographers since 1976. Since 1980 he was a freelance photographer making photographs for Lithuanian and foreign press. In 1990 he was awarded and became a laureate of Lithuanian National Prize. In 2004 he was awarded Alfred Toepfer's sponsorship ofHamburgprize at theUniversityofViennainAustriafor his contribution to the development and maintaining of the European cultural heritage. Since 1993 he has been a lecturer at the Art History Department of The Faculty of Arts of Vytautas Magnus University. Since 2011, he has been a professor at the department of Contemporary Arts of the Faculty of Arts of Vytautas Magnus University.


Photography exhibition “Klaipėda Old Town 1976-1985” by Romualdas Požerskis is a part of photography exhibitions and series of educational activities called “(Un)true stories” (orig. "(Ne)būtos istorijos"). The project is organized by the Klaipėda department of the Association of Lithuanian Art Photographers. The project is partially funded by the Klaipėda City Municipality and Lithuanian Council for Culture. Curator Darius Vaičekauskas. The exhibition will be open until the 12th of November.