On Friday, 23 February 2018, at 17:00, the photo artist’s Vytas Karaciejus personal photography exhibition “Attitude”, dedicated to the 70th jubilee of the author and to commemorate the centenary of the restoration of the state of Lithuania, is opening at KCCC Exhibition Hall (Didžioji Vandens st. 2, Klaipėda). At the event, the director Domininkas Malajavas will recite poetry.

The retrospective exhibition “Attitude” by V. Karaciejus consists of two parts: in the first part, the photographer presents the most valuable photographs from the photo series “The Sand Legend” (1994), “Secrets of the Sea” (1998), “Photo-Theatre” (1998). ), “On the Verge of Century” (1999), “Friends and Neighbours” (2000), “Signs of Existence” (2002), “Mirages of Existence” (2007), “Seacoast Scenery” (2008) and many others.

“Like any earthborn, I want to leave a footprint in my environment, in my own country. There comes a time in a person’s life to say something, to show something. It needs to be done and this is just a tiny part of what you’ve done over your life. I got lucky. Throughout my life, I not only worked daily work, but I kept creating as well. An attitude toward a person, town, nature, time had been changing...,” the photographer is opening his heart at the presentation of his retrospective exhibition.

The second part of the exhibition consists of the latest series of photographs “Signs of Existence of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania,” which V. Karaciejus had been creating from 2017. The author dedicates it to the centenary of the restoration ofLithuania. Photographs under this cycle are the artist's improvisations on the topics of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The interweaving images create a mysterious atmosphere and trigger associations in viewers.

“This has been a sense of miracle that the Grand Duchy of Lithuania is not a myth, an impressive historical legend, not just a few of the most commonly repeated names or a few of the dates from school textbooks, ingrained in our memory, but it is an actual historical reality. That the GDL is once lived strong and forceful people, who, in their honour and for our future, accomplished great works, brought forth tangible and spiritual treasures, imprinted strength and survival, self-defence and courage, dignity and pride, tribute to their land and ancestors. They found a state, which would be an integral part of the European history and destiny forever. That the GDL is our true historical, cultural, and spiritual password,” V. Karaciejus is revealing his inspirations in creating the cycle.

According to photo artist Gytis Skudžinskas, “Vytautas Karaciejus has a permanent interest in the following topics – existence, transience, reality-to-fiction relationship. Mainly, the focus is characters and details of reshaped situations rather than the real world. The author’s idiom and strong forefeeling equate him with the artists who are promoting today's visual culture trends. Vytas imprints an interweaving of high and street culture, festive romance and routine of everyday life. Meanwhile a viewer, by following the author's marks, can read a completely new story.” 

About the author

Vytautas Karacius was born on10 March, 1948, in Milyvydai, Varėna district. Graduated from the Kaunas Higher Art School with the photographer’s speciality. Since 1975, lives and creates in Klaipėda. Since 1977 – a member of the Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers. In 1997, was honoured with title of artist of International Federation of Artistic Photography (AFIAP); in 2005, was granted the status of Art Creator of the Republic of Lithuania.

V. Karaciejus has been participating in national and foreign exhibitions since 1977, has held numerous personal exhibitions, regularly participates in joint national and international projects in photography art. The artist’s works have been acquired by the Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers, the Lithuanian Art Museum, FIAP (Lausanne, Switzerland). The author has published photo albums “Klaipeda: Signs of Existence” (2002) and “Klaipeda: Signs of Time” (2011).

Vytas Karaciejus’ photography exhibition “Attitude” will run until 25 March 2018.

Working hours of KCCC Exhibition Hall (Didžioji Vandens str. 2, Klaipėda): 11:00–19:00, Wednesday – Sunday (closed on public holidays).