Marius Ščerbinskas “Matrix”

On Thursday of February the 15th 2018, Marius Ščerbinskas project “Matrix” is going to be presented before the official beginning of Klaipėda Festival of Lights at the KCCC Exhibition Hall.

KCCC Exhibition Hall is being adjusted to Klaipėda Festival of Lights, so this exhibition is going to take place on February 15 – 17; the visitors are welcome from2:00 p.m.till10:00 p.m.The installation “Matrix” created by Marius Ščerbinskas can be visited free of charge during the Festival.

Project “Matrix”

Project “Matrix” created by the architect Marius Ščerbinskas is a light installation which is on the ceiling of the ground floor foyer of the KCCC Exhibitions' Hall. This LED ribbon device, that connected to the environmentally-sensitive sensors or to other equipment (information systems, musical instruments, etc.), shines in all other colours. It will also be possible to change the illumination of the room, and to display artistic light and colour compositions, and other artistic work.

During the Klaipeda Festival of Lights, the installation “Matrix” will be connected to an electronic keyboard instrument which will make music sounds in the ceiling of the Exhibition Hall as the LED light will change its colours and flicker according to music performed here and now in response to the playing instrument. Visitors are invited to get involved in the process and create their own musical light during the festival.

At the end of the Klaipėda Festival of Light, this installation will remain in the ceiling of the ground floor of the KCCC exhibition hall and will become a creative platform, i.e., artists will be able to use it to present their light works, and the installation will help create a certain atmosphere of the foyer space. It can also be used in other ways.


“Matrix” project author Marius Ščerbinskas (, programming works were made by Valmantas Palikša. Sponsors: Ltd. „Lemona“, Ltd. „Plastena“, Ltd. „Led Head“, partners Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre, PE “Klaipėdos šventės”.