creative exhibition „80+20“ of lecturers of Vilnius Academy's of Arts Telšiai Faculty

On the 11th of January, 2019, on friday, at 5 pm at KCCC Exhibition Hall (Didžioji Vandens st. 2, Klaipėda) the creative exhibition „80+20“ of lecturers of Vilnius Academy's of Arts Telšiai Faculty is opening, dedicated to honor the 80th anniversary of lowlanders painters' first creative exhibition and the 20th anniversary of the founding of Vilnius Academy's of Arts Telšiai Faculty.

KCCC Exhibition Hall's door opens with an exhibition, where you can find Lithuanian artists' creative work, dedicated to commemorate two significant dates. When contemporary art is inevitably influenced by processes of globalization and levelling, the returning to the origins, declaring the worldview and emotional attitude are not considered only as a narrow promotion of regionalism in the exhibition. The sum of the numbers 80 + 20 symbolically turns to the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the independence of the State of Lithuania. Thus, the exhibitions of Lowlanders, Highlanders and artists from other regions should be seen as one of contemporary Lithuanian art's manifestation forms, by which it is aimed to preserve and promote not only ethnic, but also common national, cultural, ethical, aesthetic and other values, specific to art creation and promotion.

The axis that formed exhibition's "80 + 20" collection is an institutional identity. The relationship between the lecturer and the artist is always discursive, often categorized with provisions of academic format. Such restrictive aspects do not motivate the creative potency, rather the opposite - they encourage you to retreat to some silent and intimate acts of self-realization. The lecturer / artist, despite his position, is more likely to identify himself with art forms. This exhibition denies the stereotypes of thinking or unwritten rules and invites the viewer to explore curiously.

The creative work of thirteen lecturers from Vilnius Academy's of Arts Telšiai Faculty is presented at the exhibition – works of textile, contemporary jewellery, sculpture, object art, painting, installations, etc., that appeal to the relationship between time and place. Works, that are deep in their conceptual or ideological sense, made from handy or obedient materials reveal the potential of artists and the need for self-realization. The monochromatic colour palette of the presented works, with a minimal color breakthrough, creates an entire exposition and allows you to see a quite long range of boundaries and variety of materiality.

Lecturers / artists, who present their creative work at the exhibition „80+20“: Prof. Petras Gintalas, Prof. Romualdas Inčirauskas, Prof. Remigija Vaitkutė, Assoc. Prof. Beata Zdramytė, Assoc. Prof. Albertas Gedvilas, Assoc. Prof. Neringa Poškutė-Jukumienė, Prof. Vytautas Mockaitis (1958 – 2011), Assoc. Prof. Tomas Vaičaitis, Dr. Salomėja Jastrumskytė, lect. art critic Virginijus Kinčinaitis, Prof. Zita Inčirauskienė, lecturers Bangutis Prapuolenis, Gintaras Gailius.

Exhibition curator - Neringa Poškutė-Jukumienė.

About Telšiai Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts

The origins of the founding of Telšiai Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts (orig. VDA) reach those times, when craft school was founded in 1926. During the following decades the school was reformed several times and its names were changed. In 1998, the school became part of Vilnius Academy of Arts. Because of the deep traditions, this educational institution is constantly open to the development of modern ideas and technological innovation opportunities. There are currently three departments in VDA TDF: Department of Metal Plastic, joining Metal Arts, Jewellery and Sculpture Studies, Department of Design, joining Product Design, Furniture Design and Restoration and Clothing Design Studies, and Department of Arts' Fundamentals and Theory, providing each future artist with the necessary theoretical knowledge from general art history, theory, aesthetics and specific specialties' areas of his own choice.

The exhibition „80+20“ will be open until February 3, 2019.

Working hours of  KCCC Exhibition Hall (Didžioji Vandens st. 2, Klaipėda): Wednesday – Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm. (Closed during public holidays).