Artist Jūratė Rekevičiūtė, a participant of KCCC art residency, invited citizens of Klaipeda to the creative workshop in May, during which the joint project “History for the Future” of the creator and the city community was implemented.

During the lifetime, a human gathers plenty of memories. Some of them are eager to share, others are hidden, still others are preserved or the time to remember them hasn't come yet. These recollections appear from the memory at the most unexpected time, in various forms and become mirrors of us and the world around us.

J. Rekevičiūtė suggested that the participants of the workshop should analyze the personal archive of the past and give it another form – to give a meaning to the memories throughout works of art. 'I wanted people to bring their own memory. It could be a word or an object - anything that they could express their emotion through. From these memories we were creating a new work of art together',  said the artist.

The participants of creative workshop reacted to the project very sincerely and shared sensitive personal life stories: for some, it was an old mother's apple tree, for others -  a toy accompanying him or her from the childhood, a spiritual connection with a tree or a tree sculpture found at the seaside that was created by nature. After applying the most convenient form - linocut, artist's J. Rekevičiūtė's author's technique of embossed imprint, collage or other - in order to give a meaning to these and other memories,  personal fragments of memory have turned into art works.

About the author: In 1996 Jūratė Rekevičiūtė graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts and became very involved in a marathon of colorful and extravagant personal exhibitions. Since 1997 - member of Lithuanian Artists' Association. Since 2005 she starts organizing events on her own and becomes one of the main founders of the first Lithuanian graphic biennial “Now Art Now Future”. In 2006-2008 this unique event took place in three Lithuanian cities and many galleries and public spaces at the same time. Its motto "Graphic arts speaks the language of modern culture" has become the motto following the artist's creative work for many years. Jūratė is able to guess future tendencies, follow fashion, borrow "without borrowing" and synthesize new quality art by skillfully joining tradition and something new. Recently, at the exhibitions exhibited, the artist presented the author's technique of  embossed imprint.

The exhibition will be open until the 24th of June, 2019.