In Gold We Trust by Neringa Poškutė-Jukumienė

On the 11th of October, 2019, on friday, at 5 p.m. at KCCC Exhibition Hall (Didžioji Vandens str. 2, Klaipėda), jewellery installation / exhibition of objects In Gold We Trust by Neringa Poškutė-Jukumienė is being presented.

The world of jewellery, so as other fields of art that give visual artistic information to the viewer, experiences all possible irritants, from pleasure to absurdity. At the same time, jewellery as a term extends its boundaries and unites into the friendship with video-, audio- and other things that become as the whole in the exhibition installation.

Many viewers do not attach too much importance to the usage of outdated jewellery terms, and their understanding of possible other ways of perception changes or is acquired only through constant self-education. However, I must warn you: You are invited not to a „show-case“ type jewellery exhibition. Here you will be asked to think, see, hear, though some things, at first sight, will be recognizable. Gold. Yes, it's true. GOLD was chosen as one of the most striking accents of the exhibition. Its value on world‘s Exchanges, like everything else that is made of gold unquestionably associates with wealth and luxury. General absconding behind pseudonyms and fake news of today's media confronts us with ourselves and with „gold“, whatever it means.

Therefore, the exhibition shows the values: perceived, existing, acquired. From a material point of view and definitions‘ standpoint, it is worth knowing:

Gold is a bright yellow noble metal, it is soft, ductile and malleable: gold wire is easily stretchable, thin (translucent) sheets (foil) are flattened . Melting point 1064.33,5 °C.

Faith is a psychological state in which the perception of information, without the need for tangible evidence or logical verification, is accepted as the truth.

In the exhibition, the main installation and its 24-carat gold, openly inviting the viewer, dominates only as a material, matter that everyone can have quickly and efficiently - just like everything else in our world‘s modern and consumer-like times. But the absence of lasting value and its fiction, which has a very short life-time and no perspective, is also justified. Question: how much material do you need in order to feel its veracity?

The disappearing processes are not unnoticeable, so it is natural that this topic is also covered in this exhibition. Decaying 'heritages' hurt and destroy precious memories of gold value. Reflection on a political, social and cultural irritant enables me, as an artist, for a new force - through an ironic but promising crumb of architectural heritage, which I boldly hang with all the jewellery‘s applied purpose on our bodies, which are „washed“ with false words and crooked authority promises. The jewellery collection and inclusions of Klaipeda‘s disappearing architecture are a part of this exhibition.

Through my creative work I strive to reveal not the jewellery‘s, as a view of material value, expression, but other contemporary quality of this niche field of fine arts. I seek to extend the understanding of jewellery and the importance of perception. In the exhibition I present my personal experiences and possible variations of the content. I aim to provoke the viewer by combining noble and all other less expensive materials, while keeping the basis of aesthetic, philosophical and sensitive social meaning, which plays a valuable role here and turns the viewer against himself. Because of the mirror principle you have nowhere to go: you see yourself and the world at the same time. You don't have the chance to be left aside, but you have the opportunity to understand what adorns us all.

The exhibition will be open until the 10th of  November, 2019.

Working hours of KCCC Exhibition Hall (Didžioji Vandens str. 2, Klaipėda): Wednesday – Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm. (Closed during public holidays).

The event will be photographed and filmed, so please be informed that visitors may be seen in photos or videos of the event, and these photos or videos may be posted publicly on social networks or media.