Noir Time by Pietro Finelli

On the 11th of October, 2019, on friday, at 6 p.m. at KCCC Exhibition Hall (Didžioji Vandens str. 2, Klaipėda), the exhibition Noir Time by Pietro Finelli (Italy) is being presented.

Pietro Finelli's creative work explores the genre of classical cinema, known as film noir (French for „black film“). This cinematic term is used to describe Hollywood crime dramas, such as gangster or detective films, made in the 1940s and 1950s. They are associated with black-and-white stylistics, that remind of German Expressionist cinema, a dark atmosphere, both literally and figuratively, a voice-over and a plot, that is related to crimes. There is also a femme fatale character associated with the noir genre. The most famous noir films are: The Maltese Falcon, The Big Combo, Out of the Past and others.

In the exhibition Noir Time, Pietro Finelli, on the basis of the structure and aesthetics of noir film, intertwines the painting and movie segments of noir so that it becomes unclear where the film ends and the painting begins, and vice versa. Noir Time explores this crossing, both physically and psychologically, as if the action takes place in our city and in each of our conscience. Finelli, after supplementing each segment of the film with a pictorial image, analyzes how these connotations, which hit men and women of the metropolis, open a living nerve in the field of human relationships. 

He transforms his pictures into movie segments, creating a mysterious story where the film frame sharpens the feeling of past and future action. In the very moment of stopping the film, the space-time continuum unmasks the point of contact between the truth and perception. However, Finelli's photographically precise painting does not quote the film - it is not the expression of the frame by other means. Every scene, distilled from the film with surgical precision, is elevated by the artist to an abstract dimension in which the single episode becomes the alibi, that deepens into the mechanisms of reality‘s intuition. The invisible main protagonist in movie segments of Dark Waters (1944) by André de Toth, He Walked by Night (1948) by Alfred L. Werker or I Wake Up Screaming (1941) by Bruce Humberstone pushes us to investigate the general problem of identities where we don't know who says "I" or comments actions voice-over. This intangible character in the exhibition hall, as if in a movie, catches the spectator unprepared. Other films, like  Phantom Lady (1944) by Robert Siodmak or The Blue Gardenia (1953) by F. Lang, present a peculiar structure with fragments of doors, corridors, rooms and frequent transitions from the light to the dark, where the presence of the main protagonist (man or woman) is perceived as a fault, a shadow, a template that reminds us of something still familiar yet transferred to a new environment and another atmosphere.

In the installation Noir Time, the artist, with the help of paintings, visually developing conflicts created by film directors, enforces the viewer to question what he sees, triggering a desire to dig deep into visual conventions. At the same time, the author seeks the viewer not to be a passive observer, but to become as a part of the exposition, so that his presence refreshes all the complex space and time visual dynamics. In fact, the exhibit is and wants to be the living epicenter of these visual / spatial crossings and this intertwining of filming and painting. The place of the exhibit becomes a product, an action in place, a device of this complex interaction.

About the author

Pietro Finelli (1957) studied architecture at the Federico II University of Naples. He is an artist, exhibition curator and art theorist who lives and works in Milan. He has exhibited his creative work in art galleries, museums, cultural centers in Rome, Milan, Turin, Naples, Benevento (Italy), New York (USA), Geneva (Switzerland), Charleroi, La Louvre (Belgium), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and more.

The exhibition will be open until the 10th of  November, 2019.

Working hours of  KCCC Exhibition Hall (Didžioji Vandens str. 2, Klaipėda): Wednesday – Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm. (Closed during public holidays).

The event will be photographed and filmed, so please be informed that visitors may be seen in photos or videos of the event, and these photos or videos may be posted publicly on social networks or media.