Gilles-Ivan Frankignoul

7th May - 7th June at KCCC Residence is staying writer, photographer and documentary film director  Gilles-Ivan Frankignoul (Belgium).

Gilles-Ivan Frankignoul (born 1980) is based between Brussels and Paris. He is interested in political, social and economical issues, their reflections in a society and human relations.

After studying cinema in Brussels, Gilles-Ivan Frankignoul was an assistant of video artist Sophie Whettnall for one year. After that, he founded the company "Playtime Films" in 2007 in which G.I. Frankignoul produced and directed short films, documentary, reportage and also two feature films.

'Hors jeu' is an experience with 6 actors about documentary and self filming during one week in brussels in September.

'Silent decades' is, in fact, more than a fiction film. It is an object of political art about political commitment, maybe a social manifesto of the 2000-10 decades in western europe.

In December, 2012 the artist decided to leave Playtime Films and to concentrate on his artistic work.

The most part of Gilles-Ivan Frankignoul time is for writing poetry, drama and photography. Artistically, he began during the year 2012, several series of photographs, always related to poetry and Gilles works on several drama texts.

„Working inKlaipedamust allow me to state the basis for my future projects but also to continue to reflect on my sociological and artistic practice. I'd make ten pictures inspired by my one-month residency. I think working on the occupation time. Working or not working, free time or unemployment“, - says Gilles-Ivan Frankignoul.

The artist is working on Klaipedadiary, which you can check here

The A-I-R is finishing with exhibition „Behind concrete“.  Gilles-Ivan Frankignoul compares A-I-R with swimming under the water: “When we are immersed in water, the first time, we do not know if it is cold or hot. We are entire wrapped in a feeling. The first seconds under water are the most intense, before the body adjusts. I try to keep this sensation concrete. And to watch behind.”

 Exhibition opens: 6 p.m. 5th June.

The exhibition will last until 14th July.