Gabrielė Jogėlaitė

5 p.m. 28th November, 2014 is opened an exhibition "zero in on" by two artists: Gabrielė Jogėlaitė and Bärbel Praun, who are residenting at KCCC A-I-R since 1st November, 2014.

The exhibition “zero in on” brings two international artists together and demonstrates their methods of working in diverse mediums that require attention to process and making. The topics of investigation question the importance of belonging to a place. Also, it refers to the way of living in unsettled cultural locations that both of the artists are experiencing: encircling, moving, travelling between here and somewhere else.

zero in on ‒ focus, plan, target, try, attempt, aspire, concentrate, contemplate, level, purpose, strive and steer.

For the ongoing project 'favourite places' I ask local people for their very own favourite place, where they might feel connected in a certain way and feel comfortable at.

Gabrielė Jogėlaitė is a Fine Art graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, and the University of Dundee, Scotland. Her art practice demonstrates systematic ways of working with mediums that explore quality of drawing subject matter. The investigation of movement of line and

continuous search for the right shape and mark are reflected on a detailed construction of composition. Diverse laborious techniques show fragility of line making: a balance between controlled material and human nature to fail while seeking diligence. The experience of physical and mental processes of creation engages the viewer to examine the delicate image. The repetition

and control of materials enclose the connection of drawing with language while the composition suggests issues of identity, verbal miscommunication and reflects structural elements of environment related to the personal background.

Project Travel Agency“ . The residents involved in ″Travel Agency″ are suggested to reflect on the Klaipeda region and the city, to write diaries and keep their ″route accounting″, which equates the residency to travel agency engaging in cultural journeys.

The topics of the artworks are going to explore two issues: the first relates to the cultural identity that we derive from the personal and collective experience; the second deals with representations of personal experience stories and the construction of conceptual "message" by means of not formal documentation, but a cultural event that causes the reaction of the local community and incorporates it into the process. The project highlights the quest for Utopia in architecture, the time slip, gender and national identity.

The exhibition will last till 21st December.

The project is supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.