Director of KCCC

Ignas Kazakevičius was born in 1973 in Kaunas, Lithuania. In 2012 he obtained his Master Degree in Art History and Criticism in Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas Lithuania. In 2004 he was appointed as the director of Culture Communication Center in Klaipeda, Lithuania. He was one of the founders of the first independent Art Biennial Now Art Now Future (2005-2008) in Lithuania. Throughout his career Ignas Kazakevičius wrote more than 300 articles on contemporary art, internationally. His most significant international projects include: Prestige: Phantasmagoria of our times, co-curated with Julija Čistiakova and Vidas Poškus, KCCC, Klaipėda, Lithuania (2012). Reprise, Saba Cultural and Artistic Institute, Tehran, Iran (2012); Aesthetic vs. Information. Vol. 2, 4th Moscow Contemporary Art Biennial, Moscow, Russia (2011); Total Equality, 11th Lulea Art Biennial, Lulea, Sweden (2011); 3 Worlds In 1, co-curated together with Edward Lucie – Smith, Zavier Ellis, and Janet Rady, KCCC, Klaipėda, Lithuania (2011); Aesthetic vs. Information. Vol. 1, Contemporary Russian art project co-curated with Konstantin Bokhorov, KCCC, Klaipeda, Lithuania (2010); Post - Evolution, Lithuanian-Polish contemporary painting exhibition, co-curated with Vidas Poškus, KCCC, Klaipėda, Lithuania (2010).