The title of the Lithuanian painting project “Recommendation” became the keyword of both the theme and the concept of the exhibition. The proposed model for selecting project participants actualizes the phenomenon of the recommendation by "legitimizing" the de facto already existing practice and turns it into a conceptual principle of the whole project's preparation. The collection of the exhibition was created in accordance with recommendations of Lithuanian art critics, art market experts, gallery managers, curators and artists themselves. 



Artist Jūratė Rekevičiūtė, a participant of KCCC art residency, invited citizens of Klaipeda to the creative workshop in May, during which the joint project “History for the Future” of the creator and the city community was implemented.

During the lifetime, a human gathers plenty of memories. Some of them are eager to share, others are hidden, still others are preserved or the time to remember them hasn't come yet. These recollections appear from the memory at the most unexpected time, in various forms and become mirrors of us and the world around us.