Contemporary art exhibition "Chronometers" will be opened at the KCCC Exhibition Hall (Didžioji Vandens str. 2, Klaipėda) on Friday, 14th of September 2018, at 6 PM. 

Works by artists participating in this exhibition measure time, which has become the cultural discontent of this decade. The excuse “I don’t have time” has become so commonplace that we no longer notice its absurdity. As if time were a material object we could possess. Our present, however, is surely speeding up. Even before the omnipresence of internet, the French philosopher Paul Virilio predicted the “desert of world time”: the “dromospheric” time flying at the speed of light would devour space, and there would be only total present. Perhaps this has already happened? Yet isn’t it a paradox that while the accelerating time is deleting space, we have only time, yet lack it most acutely?



Photography festival
09 11–02 12