KCCC Exhibition Hall (Didžioji Vandens st. 2, Klaipėda) continues its autumn journey still questioning and searching for answers. Let‘s explore art space and its values together. While exhibition spaces are left by one exposition and occupied by another, we offer You to get involved in here. We combine alternative time spending activities together with traditional guided tours.

Educational activities and guided tours for groups of pupils, students and adults

KCCC Exhibition Hall offers a usual free of charge entrance on Wednesdays. While visiting Algimantas Aleksandravičius’ anniversary photography exhibition „Returns – faces and not only these…“, You have a possibility to see the show „Lankos“ about Algimantas Aleksandravičius, interviewed by Rytis Zemkauskas.

In the background of still ongoing painting exhibitions of LAU „Discoveries of different generations“ and Edvardas Malinauskas „Autumn of the marine artist“, one is invited to participate in our workshops. We are going to reveal unconventional colour combinations applying tapestry technique and playing with different materials and texture. Colours do an impact. They affect us the same way as sounds and words. When some of the colour combinations are irritant, others lull us and arouse memories. While one picture is captivating and coming into notice, another one looks repelling. The colour is a part of a sensuous world. Can an individual be characterized through colours, and what colours can we apply to ourselves? We will look for the answers to these questions at the educational workshop „A coloured self-portrait on a tapestry“.

A workshop on popular culture topic is going to be a confrontation to a meditative creativity. Using the example of the UK Pop artist Richard Hamilton‘s creation work, we will have a good laugh at our mode of life, attributes of massive culture and the twenty-first century man.

Alternative educational activities:

A review of interview „Lankos“ about photographer Algimantas Aleksandravičius (until October 11, 2015)
Featured games “Art puzzles”(until October 11, 2015)
Educational workshop „A coloured self-portrait on a tapestry“
Creative workshop „Pop art by Richard Hamilton. Pop culture in everyday life“

Guided tours and educational activities for groups of pupils, students and adults are from Wednesday to Friday (free of charge entrance on Wednesdays). Advance registration is necessary, ph. no: (+370 (46) 313691 or e-mail

Family and youth Saturdays are an integral part of our artistic and cultural activities.

October 10, 11 a.m. Pinhole: CRAFTSMANSHIP OR ART. Once again we invite You to join a photography workshop. This time we are going to create hand-made Pinhole cameras, to explore tricks of such unique photography technique and to take a look at photo developing kitchen together with a photography artist Artūras Šeštokas. Workshop is aimed for families with children from 14 years old and for youth.

October 24, 11 a.m. The house of glass and wax:glass decorating and candle carving. Days are getting darker, evenings – longer… This creative meeting is for chasing away dusk bugaboos. Candle lights and decorative hand-made home attributes under a spell will cosy up our homes. After observing I. Stulgaitė-Kriukienė’s and R. Kriukas’ exhibition of art glass “Shining”, we will decorate glass and crave candles. The workshop is for families with children from 8 years old and for youth.

Let‘s chase away autumn riding-hag.

Charge for classes/workshops: for children, students, retired and disabled people – 0,87 Euro; adults – 1,74 Euro.

E-mail registration for families and youth for Saturday workshops or ph. no: +370 46 313691.