On 22nd of January the students of Klaipėda Lyceum, who participated in the excursion at Latvian artist‘s Gints Gabrans‘s exhibition „Selection of mutants“, were able to observe installed in space art objects and their three-dimensional projections on the walls. Later at the intended exposition hall students became participants and successors of art project: while drawing silhouettes of each other and objects situated in there and their connections, they vividly became involved in the evolutionary game of art.

Acquaintance with contemporary art project was moved to the next level in an alternative educational activity – by moulding hot wax into water and visually experiencing the transformation (in this case – wax) of matter from solid form into the liquid one while heating it and on sight of nascent object structure self-organization principle by pouring alloy into the cold water.

Many thanks to young creators.

Do not be afraid to get to know and experience.