Excursions through the mazes of Saukism subconsciousness and intervention of science in painting

At Exhibition Hall of Klaipėda Culture Communication Center (Didžioji Vandens g. 2, Klaipėda) during Šarūnas Sauka exhibition of paintings ,,The Man with Sauka’s Face“ that is open from the 3rd of April you are not only invited to participate in excursions  round the exhibition but also to attend seminars and familiarize with technical and scientific side of painting.

Seminars „Chemistry and painting alchemy“

During seminars „Chemistry and painting alchemy“ paint technologies that are used in painting will be presented to the groups of senior class pupils  and students: production of various paint, their features and differences, extraction of natural pigments; also development of painting and the usage of tools will be analyzed through the context of art history. Participants will be able to practically test the principles of colour mixing while performing creative task. Seminars are organized in cooperation with Klaipėda Vydūnas gymnasium. Ambassadors of two different branches – chemistry and alchemy – will help to search for a harmony of art and science: Klaipėda Vydūnas gymnasium‘s chemistry teacher Jūratė Dirginčienė and painter Irma Leščinskaitė.

Seminars will be held:

On April 21, 28; May 5 (on Thursdays) at 1:30 pm – for senior class pupils  and students. Seminar lecturers – Jūratė Dirginčienė and Irma Leščinskaitė. Registration in advance is necessary by e-mail: edukacija@kkkc.lt or by phone 860221167.

Excursions  round the exhibition

On Wednesdays individual visitors who registered in advance for the same ticket price will be able to participate in cognitive excursions and see the exhibition with a guide. Excursions will be held on Wednesdays  at 12:00 pm (guided by Rūta Petniūnaitė), 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm (guided by art critic  Rūta Jakštonienė).

Groups of pupils, students and adults are traditionally welcome at Exhibition Hall from Wednesdays to Fridays – excursions  round the exhibition with a guide will also be organized to the groups registered in advance

Registration in advance is necessary for excursions by e-mail: edukacija@kkkc.lt or by phone 860221167.

Visiting the exhibitions and excursions are fee-paying: for adults – EUR 2.90, for pupils, students, seniors and disabled who present the document – EUR 1.45.

Family and youth Saturdays

During April‘s Saturdays‘ creative activities for adults and families with older children (over 16 years) Sauka‘s worlds will be analyzed: with reference to Šarūnas Sauka‘s works of art, after invoking the techniques of graphics (linocut, monotype) we will go deep into compositions of spots, silhouettes and lines. During the activity dedicated to assemblage we will create a three-dimensional collage – a creation based on experiments of dadaism art,  for which connection of non-artistic ready-made objects is common.

April 23, 11:15 am „Assemblage“. Creative activity for adults, families and youth (over 16 years).

April 30, 11:15 am „Connection“. Creative activity of chromatic and achromatic monotype for adults, families and youth (over 16 years).

Activities are fee-paying. Registration in advance is necessary by e-mail: edukacija@kkkc.lt or by phone 860221167.