The Eventful Museum Night Programme at the KCCC Exhibition Hall

On Saturday, 19 May 2018, the Klaipeda Culture Communication Centre, together with numerous European museums and galleries, is inviting to celebrate the International Night of Museums.

On the above occasion, The KCCC Exhibition Hall (Didžioji Vandens st. 2,Klaipėda) will host a series of events from16:00to23:00without interruption: educational, expositions, performances, tours to the latest exhibitions and many other creative activities. The ambient music concert will close the festive night.

Visitors of all age groups – from the smallest ones, who are just beginning to feel the power of arts, to experts of contemporary art – are welcome to the exhibition hall to discover, to see, to experience something new, not ever seen or felt before.

KCCC Museum Night Programme

16:00 and 16.30 – Blending colours on the ceiling

Educational activity for children, using the light installation by architect Marius Ščerbinskas, which is installed in the ceiling of the 1st floor of the KCCC Exhibition Hall. The four-legged assistant, the Terrier Kurshis, will also attend the classes and help the little ones to play the colours. Prior registration is compulsory:

17:00 and 20:15 – Tours with curators and artists to the exhibition “3FREE”

On the eve of the Night of Museums, On Friday, 18 May 2018, at 18:00, the KCCC Exhibition Hall presents the Lithuanian-Latvian-Estonian Contemporary Art Project “3FREE” which is dedicated to the centenary of independence of the three Baltic States. The project will bring together three personal exhibitions: by the Lithuanian graphic artist Jūratė Rekevičiūtė, Latvian artist Vika Eksta, and Estonian Al Paldrok, known under the artistic pseudonym Anonymous Boh. There will be opened another joint exhibition, in which works will be displayed by three authors from each of the Baltic countries. Severija Inčirauskaitė, Kristina Inčiūraitė, Žygimantas Augustinas (Lithuania), Kristaps Epners, Ivars Drulle, Vilnis Putrāms & Vladimir Jakushonok (Latvia), Taje Tross, Leonhard Lapin ir Peeter Allik (Estonia) will participate in the main exhibition of Baltic artists.

Curators of the 3FREE Project, Ignas Kazakevičius (Lithuania), Liena Bondare (Latvia) and Al Paldrok (Estonia), as well as authors of the exhibitions will be the tour guides at the International Museum Night.

18:00 – Team game “Detectives of Neringa City”

The amusing board game “Detectives of Neringa City” was developed by the creative team of the KCCC Art Courtyard, which has engaged various specialists and local people to help. The top-quality graphic arts game box contains: cards with 6 encoded marine heritage sites, assisting fragments of an old map, facts, phrases, hints, and puzzles. On the occasion of the Night of Museums, residents and guests of KlaipėdaCityare invited into teams and to become detectors of Neringa. Each team will be assigned a task: on the basis of the board game cards, to find and list 6 sites on the given map of Nida, which 6 well-known personalities of Neringa city are interconnected with, and to settle the puzzle with fragments of the above sites in a correct manner. A title of detective will be awarded the winning team that will be the quickest one to complete the task. A team can consist of no more than 6 members. Compulsory registration by e-mail:, tel. 8 618 14506.

19:15 – the Opening of Marius Ščerbinskas’ exhibition-installation “The System Light”

Architect Marius Ščerbinskas, the designer of lighting installations, divides his works into two groups – constructive and destructive. The key sources of his artistic ideas are environmental observation, personal experience, and social tensions. The most commonly used creative material for his work is his findings – the elements found in the environment. “The System Light” is a work of a destructive nature, compared by the author it to the model of social order: the components and functioning represent the relation between minority and majority. Four compositions will be exhibited: “Naturally”, “Industry”, “It could be a table”, “Air and Earth”. They come from the surrounding environment – the three compositions are fitted with 3-4 recyclable sodium lamps, which switch on at certain intervals, subject to the temperature of heating. The composition “Air and Earth” consists of twelve previously used daylight lamps. A failure (blinking or breakdown) of at least one of the lamps during the exhibition would be considered a big win.

21:00 – Performances of the international art group NON GRATA

You would believe anything of the NON GRATA international art group, which runs performances in different countries of the world, but not standing on the sidelines. Their artistic rituals charm, engage, reveal a different sight, or provoke, repel and cause disgust. According to the group member Al Paldrok, “the absolute majority of NON GRATA’s performances are interactive and open to intervention. In a variety of situations, you may expect an audience to do many things: from disturbing comments to using physical strength, neither you would predict an environment or interception of the performance by the police, fire brigade, or ambulance. In such a chaos, it is difficult to distinguish the performer from the viewer – any and all, physically or at least energetically, becomes a participant in the event. One of the key challenges in the performance arts is to be able to control the very performance process, be prepared to improvise and manage the actions in unpredictable situations.”

22:00 – Spiritual Music Concert „GARSAS art`i KRAŠTO“ (“SOUND CLOSE TO THE EDGE”)

The concert features two projects: “Driezhas” by Kristijonas Lučinskas and the joint project of performers Gediminas Dapkevičius (synthesizers), Kęstas Didvalis (percussion) and Asta Kriščiūnaitė (flute). During the evening, you will hear electronic ambient music improvisations.

At the concert, Kristijonas Lučinskas’ music project “Driezhas”, which is celebrating a 20th anniversary this year, will present a solo programme. The relaxing atmosphere will embrace the sounds ofKlaipedacity, the reed solo and the sharp, sometimes contrasting electroacoustics. K. Lučinskas is an audio designer, composer, performer. His compositions are performed inLithuaniaand abroad at theatres, festivals, city festivities. The composer’s works have been acknowledged with numerous awards and nominations (Borisas Dauguvietis’ earring, Golden Stage Cross, “Thanksgiving Mask”, etc.).

Esoteric electro-acoustic music of the composer and musician Gediminas Dapkevičius (Šiauliai), a participant in various musical projects is rich in the new age ethnic spirituality. It somewhat reminds of musical projects such as Enigma or Vangelis. Meditation Eastern chants interact with the Baltic mythology and jazz overtones, and of this is merged by the minimalist neoclassical structure. G. Dapkevičius has a special and earnest interest not only in the form of the musical traditions concerned, but also in the content thereof. His creative philosophy is that music opens the gate to wisdom hidden in mythology and universal laws of space.

All events are free of charge. Welcome to the KCCC Exhibition House to spend the night together!