KCCC resident artist Aleksandra Jakubczak invites to visit her temporary creative studio. During the visit you will see the video installation created by Alexandra, (it is one of the first stages of research in the Baltic region). Also will be possible to talk with the artist about the idea of the project and the creative process. The meeting will take place in the second workshop of the Artists’ Courtyard.

Aleksandra Jakubczak is an artist working in the field of performing arts, in between theatre, installation and performance. She has worked in various theatres and art institutions in Poland and abroad, creating theatre performances, immersive installations or site-specific works. In her practice she explores the ecology of gift, ephemeral communities, somatic practices and sensual dramaturgy in the context of queer feminist ecologies, mental health issues and new ways of community building. She is based in Warsaw.

‘’The residency at the KKKC is one of the first stages of my research around the Baltic Sea. I am interested in human relations with non-human entities and landscapes – how they form us now and what the relations could become, if we try to shift perspectives. One part of the research is collecting memories from places around the Baltic coasts and creating a sort of a collection, a map, a source of knowledge and an album. The memories that I treat as a gift, will become inspirations for me to create small installation pieces and in the future a performance or perhaps even a theatre piece’’. (A. Jakubczak).


Place: Daržų g. 10, Artist courtyard, second studio.

Time: 31th October (Thuesday), 5:30 pm. – 7 pm.