Bonius Rudys: „Image attracts image“

When searching for a true draughtsman in the field of Lithuanian art one for whom drawing is not only one of the many types of art, but also an essential means of expression, a way of thinking, a philosophy) the index finger should be pointed at Bronius Rudys, who lives and works in Šiauliai. Since the 1970s, this artist has chosen drawing, one of the oldest and most versatile modes of expression, as his prefered creative strategy and tactic. All aspects of drawing are important to him: line, stroke, stain, and diverse combinations of these elements. Rudys turns drawing into an essential condition — and goal — of any object, any installation, even any performance or action.” (art critic Dr Vidas Poškus). 





In the exhibition “Image Attracts Image,” I present works created entirely on paper or found in my sketchbooks. In the abstract series, I present compositions inspired by one or another initial concept and executed to my technical satisfaction. This satisfaction serves as a continuous provocation to try out new visual pathways. The drawings are made on paper of various sizes and textures, using acrylic, graphite powder, ink, and other materials. I display the series of drawings as individual units or installations, treating them as paper objects to enable viewers to engage with their materiality without traditional mats, frames, and glass. I regard paper as a cornerstone of culture and explore its potential for 2D plastic expression. To me, a blank sheet resembles an altar I hesitate to soil, yet inevitably must. I have included several works from my solo exhibitions held in Vilnius’ Arkos, Kablio, Pamėnkalnio, Titaniko galleries and Contemporary Art Centre, as well as in the exhibition halls of Kėdainiai, Klaipėda, Panevėžys and Šiauliai between 1984 and 2024. What I want to convey to viewers is that after forty years, not everything is covered by the dust of time. 



ABOUT THE AUTHOR[Text Wrapping Break]Bronius Rudys was born in 1954 in Vepai (Panevėžys district). In 1972-1977 he studied at the Faculty of Arts of Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute. Since 1986 he has been a member of the Lithuanian Artists Association (became the chairman of the Šiauliai branch in 2021). He has participated in exhibitions since 1977 and has held over 30 solo exhibitions. Creative pursuits: printmaking and graphic art, including drawings, installations, objects, and performances. His works have been acquired by the Lithuanian National Museum of Art, Šiauliai Aušra Museum, the Zimmerli Art Museum in the USA, various foreign galleries (Australia, Finland, Sweden, Germany) and private collectors.