On 8th of October, 2010 at 17:00 PM  Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre presents  the 1st exhibition  within the framework of contemporary Russian and Lithuanian Art project „Aesthetic vs Information“.

The project „Aesthetic vs Information“ reveals that the art tends to  become more and more informational, promotional object, „supervised“ by fashion. Today, contemporariness of the art is measured by its ability to present current-time dynamics and relevant issues of social life, i.e. by the scope of its informational density. Idealising the reality, we often associate the art with   “beauty” concept, placing aesthetics above other values of the art – in particular above its informational feature. However, only what is changing can remain. And information is changing the most rapidly. Therefore, today’s art often oscillates between hyperbolised aesthetic and conceptual creative act that is based solely on the dissemination of information. Is aesthetic really vs Information?

Project curators Ignas Kazakevičius and Konstantin Bochorov (Russia) drew attention to the increasingly growing public reliance on the information that distorts the traditional aesthetic categories. Thus, within this project they offer to interpret the concept – „fight of aesthetics against information“ as response of the art to this problem and potential ways of its solution. Aesthetic and the information in this case are only counterpart equivalents of perception and art evaluation criteria. Art project „Aesthetic vs Information“ conceptualizes transformation of one form of expression into another in artists’ installations, objects and video works, performances, paintings and photography.

We present to You  16 Russian authors. Active creative week. Live art. Meetings. Lectures and master classes. In this project, the artists and curators become a team. The authors will make their artworks in artists’ residence and in exposition space of the Exhibition Hall; they will deliver lectures thus introducing the wide public with the context of their artworks, the trends, relevant issues and challenges in contemporary Russian art. Russian part curator K. Bochorov invited to Lithuania famous Russian middle-generation artists and rapidly rising stars of the youngest generation who represent their country in the world’s most prestigious art events (Venice, Istanbul, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Documenta, Manifesta, etc. art biennales). Speaking about Lithuanian identity, culture export, Lithuania is often described as a country on the crossroads between East and West. It is no coincidence that KCCC presents the art of Russia – one of the most important representative of  East. The art of this controversial country is open, expressive and innovative; and Western experiences are not able to delete Russian identity codes. The first exhibition of the project „Aesthetic vs Information“– is an answer to the question „why Russian art is interesting to the Western world”. In the 2nd part of the project KCCC will present Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian artists in Moscow in 2011.

07 10 2010, 17.00 Photography master classes/Igor Mukhin
07 10 2010, 18.00 Presentation of artists
08 10 2010, 17.00 Exhibition opening
08 10 2010, 18.00 Anatoly Osmolovsky presents contemporary art magazine „Base“
09 10 2010, 12.00 Round table discussions

Participants of the exhibition: group „Provmyza“ (Halina Myznikova and Sergey Provorov), Dmitriy Bulnygin, group Where dogs run (Natalija Grechova, Vlad Bulatov, Alexey Korzuchin, Olga Inozemceva), David Ter-Oganjanas, Alexandr Pepelyajev, group „Cupid”  (Yury Albert, Andrey Filipov, Viktoras Skersis), Igor Muchin, Alisa Yoffe, Valery Cztak, Anatoly Osmolovsky.

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