Exhibition ,,Untitled Book”

The exhibition Untitled Book, organized by the Graphic Design Program at Klaipėda Faculty of the Vilnius Academy of Arts is part of the second Book Art Festival in Klaipėda. It is the first time that the Klaipėda Faculty participates in the festival, and we are pleased to present an array of works by students and faculty members. The exhibition features a wide selection of creations that explore various facets of the book and the art of writing, ranging from books as artistic objects and the art of calligraphy to books produced using contemporary technologies.

The exhibition can be divided into three main segments. The first segment showcases the calligraphic artworks created by our students. This part of the exhibition is to remind visitors that a book is more than just text and paper with printed words. The calligraphy works illustrate the idea that emotion can be conveyed not just through text but also through visual elements. In these works, text plays a secondary role, as the primary focus shifts to the creative techniques and artistic expression.

The second part showcases calligraphy booklets and books as art objects. In this section, graphic design students not only present their calligraphy booklets, where they creatively interpret various texts and poems, but they also re-imagine the book as a distinct form of art, emphasizing that it’s more than just paper and printed text. The book, when seen as an autonomous and independent entity, can indeed be considered a work of art in its own right.

The third part of the exhibition features two interactive books, both enriched with the artistic contributions of assoc. prof. Irma Leščinskaitė, a lecturer at the Klaipėda Faculty and a painter. One of them employs artificial intelligence, a technology currently popular worldwide, while the other incorporates interactive technologies. This allows visitors not only to flip through the book and read its content but also to experience it in a multi-dimensional way using 3D technology, listen to stories, and access video files via smartphones.

We kindly invite you to visit the exhibition on the first floor of the KCCC Exhibition Hall, where you can explore the works by students and appreciate the creative contributions of assoc. prof. Irma Leščinskaitė. Also, don’t miss the other Book Art Festival events and activities.


Curator of the exhibition

Lect. Martynas Lapas

Head of the Graphic Design Program at the Klaipėda Faculty of the Vilnius Academy of Arts