And Time Begins Again

6 p.m. 24th January, 2014 opens an exhibition „And Time Begins Again” by Eamon O´Kane.

This exhibition will present an overview of Eamon O´Kane´s large scale drawings in charcoal on paper as well as a number of wall drawings in charcoal. Alongside the drawings will be sculptural installation and film / video. Themes of the natural world and human interaction / intervention with it will be expanded through the juxtaposition of works referring to topics such as history, language, mapping and power.

The title of the exhibition is And Time Begins Again, which is the title of a work in the show and relates to a derelict plant nursery in Denmark and consists of a series of video works of the interior of the greenhouses. The title is taken from Samuel Beckett’s „Text for nothing (1958)”. The Beckett text, read by Jack MacGowan, accompanies footage of different parts of the nursery complex, expressing the friction between the natural and the human made and especially architecture. The location where the film and photographs have been taken could be seen as place in decay but also at the beginning of a transformation back to nature. The meditations on life and death are echoed in the trays of dead plants and rusting architecture and the weeds and stray seeds, which have taken root and are growing up.

The black and white animations include Crystals (2012) drawings of wood blocks transforming into crystalline shapes. Carbon (2012), which is a slowly compounding array of carbon molecules networking into a dense impenetrable web. Forest (2009) is a vigorous sequence of various coniferous and deciduous tree drawings, each rapidly replacing one another.

A large new installation of sculptural wooden objects will form the center piece of the show and be augmented by new large-scale wall drawings and a number of works on paper spanning the last five years.

Another work in the exhibition will be a film installation entitled Re-enactment: Hunt and Meal, which is related to the house he grew up in which is in Ireland and to the history of Ireland.

The exhibition will last until 13th March, 2014.