We announce an Open Call for 2023 Art Residency at Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre (KCCC). Art Residencies program is dedicated for Lithuanian and international artists, curators, researchers, and other creators. Art Residencies program creates an opportunity to live and create in Klaipėda old town, implement individual projects, cooperate with the local community, initiate activities, and become a part of the institution.

Studio information:

Residents are provided with a living area and art studio, where more than 1 resident can live at once (with a partner or family) or a group of up to 4 people staying in one place. The program itself takes from 1 week to 2 months. Residents, according to residenting duration and a project, could be provided with the scholarship up to 500 Eur for artistic activities’ materials and living. Work space studio consists of 20 m2 space. Residing artists are partly equipped with materials they need (based on the needs of a project and individual negotiations). They are also assisted during the process of organization of an exhibition and presentation of a project.

The artistic residencies encourage exchange, dialogue, and experimentation. The residencies are process-based, allowing visiting artists to develop projects in response to the relationship with the local environment and community.

Artists are welcome to apply*:

• whose creative practice is related to the environment, its research or ecology;

• who combine art and scientific research in their practice;

• whose creative practice is related to the city or urbanism;

• whose creative practice engages the community and/or related with community research.

*must meet one of the specified points

About KCCC and Art Residency program

KCCC organizes contemporary art projects and exhibitions, fosters intercultural communication, and organizes cultural events.

Art Residencies mission – promote intercultural communication and exchange, improve movement of creators and opportunities to present artworks and share it with local and (inter)nation community. We invite you to create and present your creations for the community, organize open studio days, creative workshops, give speeches and lectures, and also become a part of various KCCC activities, educational programs, discussions, conversations, and events.

Please submit a filled application form and attachments (CV, portfolio, and another important documents) in one PDF file (up to 10 MB maximum) until February 20th, 2023, via e-mail residencies@kkkc.lt