We haven‘t had our 15 minutes of fame yet. We haven‘t lived our Ten Days that will shake the World. We have just (even/only) been for five years sitting on the edge of the world throwing pebbles of metaphors into the lakes of logic, changing ordinary standardized dimensions of time and space, listening to panegyrics, reading nice and sometimes a bit obscene comments, drinking coffee. Today we try on a fellow-feeling grown up over 43 800 hours, extended over 12 000 m2 of canvas, having waded through several tonnes of paints. We gauge the sense of affinity by the footage of overstrung nerves, by the area of web tentacles, by the seconds of film, and the lines of verse libre. How to measure, to weight all that? Perhaps, by the number of converted souls?

Communication changes attitude. You won‘t even perceive how your curiosity will turn you around at 180o, how experiments and art-discoveries will open windows to the space where curves of intrigue are already being traced, where a coefficient of creative acceleration applies, where proportions of possibilities and other unconventional magnitudes of reality are increasing.

Ignas Kazakevičius
Director of Klaipėda Culture Communication Center / Kultūrpolis

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