Group exhibition “Intermediate Glooms”

Intermediate Glooms 

On May 3, 2024, Friday, at 17:30, the group exhibition “Intermediate Glooms” will open at the Exhibition Halls of the Klaipėda Culture Communication Center (KKKC) located at Didžioji Vandens str. 2, Klaipėda.

The core theme of the exhibition revolves around the manipulation of reality that surrounds us, deconstructing the painterly, objective structure of visual experience, dissecting it in space, and, as if based on it itself, revealing the multilayeredness of contemporary reality.

The exhibition aims to foster a creative dialogue between different media and artists, utilizing spatial architecture as a backdrop to accommodate both static and dynamic clusters of artworks. The curator of the exhibition is Mantas Valentukonis. The exhibition will be open for viewing until June 2.


between the slowing gaze and the flourishing glooms 


Everyday curiosity now resides within the confines of scrollbars. Shielded by technology, a semi-secret realm of intermediate glooms has surfaced and evolved. The deserts and rivers of its search history were separated by a synthetic film, the poetry of the unknown and a profound urge to preserve the painterly roots. The water hall was filled with kineticism, and the surfaces are balancing between the long-awaited stillness and the constant motion that catches the eye: the flickering screens. 


between those who make art and those who embrace art with their senses 


Spilling life forms, cultivated in a melancholic environment, are fed by an algorithm, a video projection, a kind of virtual reality ritual. The viewer, the observer and the listener are invited to partake in a tribal experience, to descend into transitional states, the multilayered surfaces, to get lost among the terrains, to abandon any preconceived notions of materiality. 


between the true reflection and manipulation 


Five young artists are exploring the potential for an inherently static medium to expand within space. The origin of the image competes with the constant impulses of the content, conveyed by thick, sticky gloop. Have we succumbed to the dream of the future, the entangled realities and their perpetual flux? Perhaps. And if we fail to feel or capture something, the computer will do it for us, providing answers in the form of HTML codes.  


between the urge to survive and technological coldness 


Viktorija Mištautaitė 


Participating artists: Clara Schweers, Emilie Alstrup, Eglė Marcinkevičiūtė, Mantas Valentukonis, Sandra Golubjevaitė, Šarūnas Baltrukonis 

Curator: Mantas Valentukonis 

Text: Viktorija Mištautaitė