On the 3rd of May, 2013 at 6pm, the group exhibition “Postidea II. Renewal “ was opened  at Klaipeda Culture Communication Centre Exhibitions’ Spaces (Didžioji Vandens str. 2,Klaipėda).

„Postidea II. Renewal“ declares that something will be restored. What?  Balance of approaches and power.  The first exhibition held last year highlighted the issue of inadequate representation of men’s and women’s artworks at exhibitions of contemporary art and collections of museums.  To change this situation, actual deeds, not just words were required. When in 2006 Lars Nittve –  director of the museum  of Modern Art  in  Stockholm  noted considerable  gender disproportion in the collection of the museum, he suggested supplementing it by artworks created by women artists and initiated the project „The second museum of our wishes“, with the motto  „ Instead of 100 per cent men, 100 per cent women“.  The project was lavishly sponsored by the government and private sponsors. “Postidea” suggests that women artists should not wait for special invitations and organise exhibitions themselves.

Why „ Postidea“? According  to Neal Gabler, “big, thought-provoking ideas that can’t instantly be monetized are of so little intrinsic value that fewer people are generating them and fewer outlets are disseminating them“. Today, clash of ideas is overshadowed by  „mind battles“ and overwhelming avalanche of information making the art just a decoration for business. Such a concept of “Postidea” requires changing direction of a point of view turning back to what was left on the margins of the “great history”.

„Postidea II. Renewal“ invites to explore deleted memories and forgotten stories, to revive concealed experiences and abandoned spaces, to highlight invisible every day works. Restoration of the balance of ideas and power – is a long process requiring joint efforts.

Participants of the Exhibition: Jurga Barilaitė, Eglė Ridikaitė, Giedrė Lilienė, Laura Garbštienė, Paulina Eglė Pukytė, Cooltourists, Eglė Gineitytė, Aistė Kisarauskaitė, Laisvydė Šalčiūtė, Beatričė Vanagaitė, Laura Zala, Marta Vosyliūtė, Karla Gruodis, Shaltmira

The Exhibition will run until 05 06 2013

Illustration:  Cooltourists  “Other way”, 2012