Rolandas Marčius

Klaipeda Culture Communication Centre is collaborating with Künstlerhaus Lukas (Ahrenshoop, Germany) in exchanging artist programme since 2007. Rolandas Marčius is at  Künstlerhaus Lukas in the period of 2015 03 02‒30.

Rolandas Marčius (b. 1974), painter, graduated from Vilniuus Fine Art Academy. 11 years lived and worked in USA. Since 1999 is taking opart in exhibitions. Since 2012 is a memeber of Artists’ Association. Now lives and works in Klaipeda.

The theme of X-ray aesthetics is revealed in Rolandas Marčius works. He is searching for connections between the emotional status, nature and physical body, without any references to personalities. This aim is multiple layers of meaning, unexpectedness, depth and harmony of colour.

Prof. Liv Hausken says: “As far as I have been able to discover, there seems to be two connected but slightly different ideas about  the aesthetics of x-ray images: the aesthetics of the unseen, and the aesthetics of looking through.” (Article “The Aesthetics of X-ray Photography” in the “Nordik 2006, Tradition and visual culture”, 2006). The artist agrees with L.Hausken, that x-ray images gives possibility to see unseen, to look at and to look through. Image transforms into aesthetics, which you can look at. This duality helps me to create painting in several idea layers.

The x-ray image inspires R. Marčius as the aesthetics of natural forms, of symmetry in nature, of movement and balance.

he avoids giving titles to the works, in this way the recipient can create their own story, narrative of the painting. Everyone sees differently, Rolandas stimulates diversity of ideas, not constrain.

Support: Cultural Attaché in Germany