Meryem Bayram is a multidisciplinary artist, scenographer and curator. She graduated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp as sculptor, she studied scenography at POPOK in Antwerp. Her work consists of installations, performances and scenographies. Aside from her own works, she contributed as a scenographer in collaboration with national and international choreographers, theatre directors, movie directors and museums.

In the work of Meryem Bayram the unfolding relation between human behavior and a constructed spatial environment is the central drivingforce. Her installations are constructed with elements that can be manipulated or activated by artists, performers or by the audience. They instigate a dialogue with architecture, objects, (day)light and sound. By generating specific encounters between body and material, Meryem Bayram triggers tensions and exchanges between the present and the potential, the composed and the improvised, emphasizing the impact of our experience on space itself.

Her sculptures and spatial installations start from an intense analysis of a specific site and the ambition to materialize its different perspectives in space. With simple materials such as wood or ropes, she generates spatial shapes and lines of sight that can be modulated by the audience, changing their experience of the space. Her stage designs start from the deconstruction of daily objects and the multilayered possibilities and perspectives that can arise when the object is activated. Meryem Bayram is fascinated by the possibilities of geometry in relation to the body, language, color, gestures, poetry, mathematics, philosophy, sound and light. She sees absraction as a way to trigger the imagination and participation of the audience. In this way narrativity is suggested by visual fragility.